Reepack ReeFlow 250 BMd

The ReeFlow 250 line is a unique concept horizontal of flow-pack machine based on an innovative cut&seal system patented by Reepack. This so-called “Planetary System”, allows to wrap products in MAP at impressive speeds with the film flowing either from the top (RFW250BMu) or from the bottom (RFW250BMd). Just as any other Reepack machine, these flow-wrappers are made of stainless steel, have a cantilevered structure and radial angles, and are resistant to aggressive environmental agents – making them easy to clean and maintain. The ReeFlow 250 produces functional as well as aesthetically perfect and attractive packages, even in case of products with particular sizes and shapes. Moreover, on the same machine, it is possible to pack products with or without trays.The ReeFlow 50 is a compact, entry-level flow-wrapper machine. It is easy to use and ideal for packaging solid food as well as non-food products at a speed of up to 150 packages per minute. The sturdy construction in stainless steel with rounded edges, the compact design, and the user-friendly panel control make this basic machine also a quality one.

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