Reepack ReeFlow 4S

ReeFlow 4S was created with the idea to combine the flow wrapping potentiality with Reepack experience within the Food Market, in particular the meat sector in slice form. Four basic concepts leaded our know-how to this project: 1. A reduction of the initial purchase costs of the production plant. 2. A reduction of the used materials. 3. A drastic decrease of the ecological footprint. 4. The goods packed with not expensive envelop can meet the requirement of single person (single portion). The main features of machines: 1. Two pair of hot longitudinal sealing rollers for each side 2. An automatic cut and collect system to trim the sealed surface in a perfect shape 3. An innovative transversal and cut system which empowers the sealing quality of a traditional box motion with a productivity up to 250 packs/min. International Patent Pending.


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